Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Soccer begins again

The boys' first soccer practice for Spring season was last week. But, last week I took video and don't feel like uploading it because I'm tired from all the packing. So, tonight at the boys' second soccer practice I took a few still shots. Because it's less trouble, and I'm tired.

This season their coach has them running laps at the beginning of practice, which I think is a hilarious thing to watch.

Joshua, being super competitive by nature (I swear he was aiming for "world's most overdue baby" when he was born), pushes himself hard and finishes at the front of the pack each time. (He may be first each time if other kids didn't cut corners. He's a rule follower, so he stays outside the red line like he's supposed to.) You can see the focus and concentration on his face, and he finishes with very little left in him.

Ethan, on the other hand, is often the sole inhabitant of his own little world, and lap-running is no exception. He "runs" with a grin on his face the whole time. He sort of lolligags around the field, looks around to see if everyone else is still running, waves when he passes me, and couldn't care less that he is the last one finished each time. He's just having a grand old time.

And, I love these things about both of them.

File under brag: Last week, they had a pretty long scrimmage at the end of practice. As I said, it was the season's first practice, and the kids were all pretty beat by then and began to fall out one by one. Joshua, Ethan, and the coach's son were the "last ones standing" by the end of the scrimmage, and the coach rewarded them with a pack of Starburst tonight.

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My Happy Homestead said...

I can't believe they're in shorts!!! I took Belle out today for a short walk and had her in her snow pants, hat, gloves, and winter jacket!