Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reason #846 I will not be winning Mommy of the Year 2009

(Yes, I know that's a pretty big number considering it's only February. Just keepin' it real.)

#846 - Put out public request for a babysitter on Facebook. I'm sure this will not only preclude me from winning any parenting awards this year, but probably also come back to haunt me when I run for Senate someday:

"It has just come to light that senatorial hopeful Rebecca Ross once exhibited an extreme lack of judgment when she put out a public call asking for anyone she knew (or whom she had ever known . . . or who knew someone she knew . . . or whose name sounded vaguely familiar, so she clicked "accept friend request" . . . or whose name didn't even sound familiar but who had a hot-looking profile photo . . . just kidding on the last one, dear) to babysit her three and four year old children. Can she be trusted to run our government?"

I'll take comfort in knowing that the first 845 reasons would probably have kept me out of the running anyway.

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