Friday, May 20, 2011

Lauren's Preschool Graduation

So after only three months of no posts, I'm back with a photo post. You know, I had rather given up on ever blogging again, but Facebook is just not sufficient to mark the my baby girl's passing from pre-school into real school. Plus she's cute, so how can that make for a bad blog post, right?

The ceremony began with a performance by the Animal Mania Company (aka the preschoolers), so the kids were to arrive in costume. Here's Lauren as an adorable lamb, minus the headpiece, as we headed off.

The set that the staff had created was amazing and began with each child's own personal star outside the theater. (Lauren's is at the bottom, but I wanted to show a section of the wall.)

Lauren and her two BFF's performing "Baa, Baa, We're Lambs" to the tune of "Barbara Ann."

Next was the cap and gown ceremony. To the sounds of Pomp and Circumstance, each child begins the journey down the aisle alone so mom can snap a picture, and then the child's family joins them halfway to walk to the front with them for their "diplomas" and a framed photo of the child in cap and gown. (Her amazing teacher took them ahead of time during practice.)

After the brilliant musical performance, the cap and gown ceremony, and a reception afterward, it was time to head home. But not before Daddy gave Lauren flowers, which I think may have been the highlight of her night. At least judging by the size of the smile and the gasp when he handed them to her.

You did great, baby girl. We are so proud of you.