Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Look, mom!

If I had a dollar for every time I heard those words, I'd be a millionaire. This morning, it was Ethan excitedly running into my room to share with me the groundbreaking news that he had found both of his Spiderman crocs. For some reason - maybe because it was only the first time I'd heard "look, mom" today - the significance of those words struck me in a way it ordinarily does not. Plenty are the times those same words have elicited annoyance and irritation after having heard them at least 3 dozen times already in a day. But, today my heart was soft, and the Lord reminded me what a treasure those two words are.

Look, mom.

It's amazing all that's communicated in those two little words. Not only is my son telling me that this thing he's sharing is important to to him, but that I am the person he wants to share it with. Sure, this morning it was a Spiderman croc, but just as often it's a treasured find - a rock or lizard needing care only a mother can give. Frequently, it's a newly developed skill - reading, adding, or doing double somersaults off the sofa. Sometimes it's mundane (Lauren poured out the Rice Krispies again); other times it's momentous (my tooth came out!).

If only I could find a way to maintain my perspective and treasure each "Look, mom" for what it really is - an invitation for me to share in the thoughts and feelings of a person more precious to me than life itself. An offer to come along side and experience what he is experiencing, see what he is seeing, love what he is loving. How long will that invitation stand? I know that at some point, that enthusiasm and openness will inevitably wane, and I will be left looking for a window into the heart and mind of my child. How thankful I am to have it effortlessly right now.

Lord, help me to cherish the "Look, mom's" even when they interrupt my thoughts and tasks for the thousandth time. Show me how to keep this most priceless invitation open for as long as I can, and let me never quench my child's enthusiasm or crush his spirit as he shares his thoughts, skills, discoveries, and treasures with me. Even if sometimes it is just a Spiderman croc.


Michelle said...

Thanks Becky. As a parent I know that I sometimes (ok, a lot of times) forget to see what Ty is trying to show me when I hear the "look Mommy!". I end up exasperated that he's keeping me from something that is definitely NOT more important that he is. Great post and I'm going to be more conscious of listening to him while he still wants to talk to ME!

Wendy D. Davidson said...

Jon read this post and told me I had to read it. Good job Jon.
I agree. I try to remind myself to slow down and enjoy my children while they are young.
They grow up way too fast. Wendy