Thursday, November 20, 2008

A new diet pill perhaps?

I've been having trouble sleeping lately. A lot of trouble. So much so that David is going to cut up the credit cards soon because, in case you didn't know . . . My name is Becky, and I have a problem with infomercials. P90X? Check. Shark cordless sweeper? Check. Magic Bullet? Check.

So, in the interest of our family finances (and of not ending up like my grandmother who apparently owned 27 vacuum cleaners when she died), I went to the doctor and obtained some Lunesta. (Which is the happy, peaceful butterfly ad, not the talking Abe Lincoln and beavers ad . . . that's how I decided.)

So, I've taken Lunesta for the past 2 nights, and let me just say . . . it's not a fun pill. The packaging says it may cause "bad taste in mouth." Um, understatement of the year. About 25 minutes after taking it, it tastes like a piggy bank gave birth in your throat. And, even worse, it continues throughout the following day making everything - especially water - taste like the babies born to said piggy bank. I actually threw away a bottle of water yesterday morning, thinking something was wrong with it before I realized the problem was me.

So, now I have to choose. Sleep or eat? I think I'll take sleep and perhaps dream of a way to make money marketing Lunesta as a diet pill.

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Tonya said...

Um, wow. Yuck!! I had the same problem a while back and used Ambien. No nasty piggy bank taste (which, by the way, is the FUNNIEST comparison I think I've ever heard, and yet, I totally understood what you meant!) and desired results were achieved. You could maybe ask to try Ambien, instead, unless of course, the whole diet pill/piggy bank taste is working for you. ;-)