Monday, November 24, 2008

Not sure she gets the whole cross thing

On the way home from taking Josh to school (and David to work because I left his car battery on all weekend) this morning:

Lauren: Mommy, why did the song say, "Jesus died?"
Me: Because He did. He died on the cross, remember? But, did He stay dead?
Lauren: No?
Me: That's right; He came back to life.
Ethan: When we die, we'll stay dead, right Mommy?
Me: Well, our spirits won't, but our bodies will. Our bodies won't come back to life like Jesus' did.
Lauren (very excitedly, having just come up with the world's most brilliant plan) : Well, mommy . . . I can help y'all get off of y'all's crosses when I get off of my cross, and then we'll all be alive again!

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