Sunday, November 9, 2008


I'm a fan of blessings. Maybe it stems from my early childhood love of Fiddler on the Roof . . . who knows. But, I especially love to speak and sing blessings over my children. There is something powerfully moving for me - and I hope eventually for them - to hear out loud the prayers of my heart for them. There are two songs by Dennis Jernigan that I sing/speak over my kids the most often. I thought I'd share the lyrics for anyone else who may be interested in praying these powerful prayers over your children, or any loved one for that matter. The one I'll share tonight is called, appropriately, The Blessing Song and was sung at mine and David's wedding while our fathers prayed quietly for us at the altar. I have the words matted and framed in Lauren's room, and I have sung this over them so many times that they know most of the words.

The Blessing Song
by Dennis Jernigan

May the Lord answer you in the day of your trouble
May the name of the Lord be your strong mighty tower
May He grant you your heart's deepest dreams and desires
May He answer each time you call
May He pour out the blessing of heaven
May you cast your cares on Him and daily fall
May you live to see your children's children
May Lord Jesus be your all in all

May the Lord Jesus Christ satisfy beyond all measure
May His Word light your path and
May His peace guard your heart
May your days be filled with gladness,
Joy and peace through any sadness
Filled with love that will not depart
May your strength be renewed like the eagle
As you run the race, may joy flood every part
May your memories all be sweet in each parting
May the peace of Christ rule in your heart

May His Word be to you health and life, joy and treasure
May your home be a light, and may the Lord guard your ways
May the Lord be your Shepherd
May His goodness and mercy follow after you all your days.
May His mercies be new every morning
May His grace and Holy Spirit help you stand
May you live your life to die for the gospel
May you hold to His unchanging hand

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Tonya said...

I hadn't heard this song before, but I found it on youtube and LOVE it. Thanks for sharing - it's beautiful!