Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick Takes

It's not Friday, and I don't know that there will be seven, but since I was out of town on Friday, here are a few random snippets from the last week.


Joshua appears to have heard the word "practically" recently and decided to adopt it as his own catch-all term. A conversation when he got in the car on Friday:

J: I practically won the game at recess today.
Me: Really? That's great.
J: But C practically bit the heads off of all his star wars guys.
Me: Why did he do that?
J: To make grenades. Practically.

He used it about three more times that afternoon, usually out of context. Also, he has taken to calling the kids across the street "those genius boys." While I'm sure they're quite bright, I don't think he understands what a genius is since he can't seem to articulate any reason for calling them that.


One day last week the kids were - shock - complaining that they were hungry. I looked at the clock and, thinking it said 5:00, decided to go ahead and cook dinner. When I got dinner out of the oven half an hour later, the clock said 4:30. Oops. We had the early bird senior citizen dinner.


Lauren's most frequent response when I ask her to do something for me has always been "sure!" Of course, we live in the South, and I have always tried to drill into my kids the importance of using "ma'am" and "sir" when speaking to adults. So, lately she has taken to answering me with, "Sure, ma'am!' I love it.


Today was apparently "Bless Beck" day, thought I'm not sure you'll find an official notation of it in the Library of Congress or anything. But, here are the things that lead me to suspect such a day occurred today:

a. I had an appointment with my nephrologist, and I had told him last week on the phone that I don't have insurance at the moment and was probably going to cancel my appointment. He said I really needed to come in but to remind him when I came, and he would mark down the bill so I wouldn't have to pay more than my co-pay. Well, without my even reminding him about it, he didn't just "mark it down;" he didn't charge me a penny. Blessed by Dr. W.

b. My sweet next door neighbor kept all three kids for me this morning while I was at the doctor, and when I arrived to pick them up, she was almost done cooking lunch and said to just let them stay and eat, and she would send them home after. Thanks to her, I was able to come home and spend almost an hour and a half packing without the kids here! And, I KNOW it doesn't take my kids that long to wolf down some spaghetti. Blessed by Bridget.

c. Joshua apparently got something in his eye yesterday afternoon. He cried about it for hours, but I still figured it was no big deal. I let him watch _Star Wars_ to try to take his mind off it, and he watched the entire movie with his hand pressed over one eye and cried every time he took it off. I tried Visine, but he said it made it sting more. So, this morning, when he was still crying about it (though he did sleep fine all night), and it was still red and puffy looking, I called the dr to see what I should do.

They said they needed to see him to make sure it wasn't - and didn't get - infected. As I mentioned, we don't have health insurance right now, so I was less than thrilled at the expense this would be, especially after having had to take Lauren to the doctor twice in the past three weeks. But, obviously, Josh's vision trumps our wallet woes, so I made an appointment for this afternoon.

In an unprecedented turn of events, Josh went in his room and took a nap at about 8:15 this morning (right before I called the doctor, which opened at 8:30), and when he woke up, his eye was significantly less red, and he said it didn't hurt as much. By the time I got back from my doctor's appointment this morning, it was completely better, and he said it didn't hurt at all, so we ended up not having to shell out money for another doctor's appointment . . . not to mention prescription antibiotic drops or ointment

Blessed by God.

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