Wednesday, February 18, 2009

File under: Odd pickup lines

I was talking to someone in my small group tonight about how it's sometimes hard to decide whether to "accept a friend" on Facebook. You know, sometimes you have NO idea who the person is . . . the name doesn't ring a bell, their profile picture is a pic of their dog, so that's no help, but apparently you have like 27 mutual friends, so you figure you must know the person, right?

So, tonight after having that conversation, I come home and put the kids to bed and get back to work packing get on Facebook. I had a "friend request" from some guy named Dean Scott with the most unexpected message ever:

"Hi! I see you are a Calvinist!! If you are also single or know any Reformed singles, they may be interested in this website...."

I've heard some bad pickup lines in my life, but "Hi! I see you are a Calvinist!!" is definitely a new one.

Plus, I'm not sure where he got the idea that I'm a Calvinist. I've always liked Hobbes just as much.

And, wouldn't everyone who's married be considered a "reformed single?"

(You really should start paying better attention to the labels before reading my posts. I TOLD you this was random.)


Theresa Garcia said...

Hahahaha! I got a request from the same guy!! Too weird.

Anonymous said...

it was probably some random bot thing. Or I could be That Guy. Who knows.