Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Small town movie theater

What I like:

Fourteen dollars. That's how much it cost me to buy the following: 3 small popcorns, 4 small sodas, 3 candy bars, and a tootsie roll pop. I was hungry. At Carmike it would have cost $14 for just the candy bars! This is good for my wallet and my credibility as a parent. (quicktake #2)

The bathrooms. A men's and a women's - one facility each - right in the back of the theater. I can take one of my kids to the restroom and still see the others in their seats when I'm standing outside the bathroom door. Plus, I don't miss any of the movie while I'm standing in line, which means I can drink all the super-cheap soda I want since I won't miss much when I have to go pee.

I'm thinking of putting a commode in my living room so I can utilize this technique during Untold Stories of the E.R. marathons on TLC.

What I don't like:

Zero previews. Seriously, who knew previews were optional?! David thinks this should go on the pro's list, but honestly, I love the previews. I like the music and the montages and the cheesy narration and the racking-my-brain-through-the-entire-movie-I-came-to-see-trying-to-figure-out-who-that-actor-in-the-preview-was.

Plus, no commercials means you have to be on time, and that is never good for me.

One screen. Open for one showing Monday-Friday at 7:30. While this does make it easy to find your theater, it is date-night-prohibitive when the offerings for three consecutive weekends go something like this: Obsessed followed by Drag Me to Hell (not a documentary about my move to Pennsylvania . . . I jest!!!) followed by Dance Flick.

It makes one wonder if a truly worthwhile film like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will EVER get here.

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Theresa Garcia said...

Drag Me to Hell...Pennsylvania . . . hahahahaha. I'm still laughing.