Friday, July 3, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday


The boys have been going to a story/craft time at the library the past couple of weeks. This week I saw their personalities in full force as they were given markers to decorate paper plates that they would make into tambourines.

I looked over at them after a couple of minutes. Josh was decorating fiercely. Ethan was sniffing the markers.


I've mentioned that I love how it takes about 2 minutes to get everywhere in this town, sometimes less. It's 90 seconds to David's office, the gym, and the grocery store. It's 2.5 minutes to Rite Aid and Dollar General, almost 4 minutes to church.

I love this. It's time-saving, and I rarely need gas.

However, there is a down-side. I have been listening to the same song in my car for a month because I am never in the car long enough for it to end.


File under rules I didn't think to establish ahead of time:

Don't run laps around the dinner table.
Don't create a dinoland on the toilet lid in my bathroom.
Don't build a beaver dam on the front porch.


Joshua has been dressing up as Indiana Jones all week. He uses his belt as a whip (and can't seem to understand that it's not "accidental" when you swing a belt around near people and they get hurt!) and runs around looking for bad guys to save us from. He was disappointed to learn that there are no ninjas in the movies (he's only seen Indy on the Leggos games website), so he made Ethan one anyway.


Grandmom and Granddad are back for 4th of July weekend. That means I smell french toast and bacon being cooked in the kitchen. The kids begin asking for it the moment Granddad arrives.


The kids and I are going to Georgia in less than two weeks for my cousin's wedding. I am looking forward to many things: seeing my family, swimming in HOT weather, going to a restaurant or two (I've been to, count 'em - ONE - since we moved here in May.), shopping somewhere other than Dollar General, etc.

Other than seeing my family, though, I think the thing I am looking forward to the most is attending my home church. (I can't bring myself to say "former!")

We attend a wonderful church here. David's uncle is the pastor, and he's related to half the people there. The love is palpable, and there is no question that the spirit of God is present among the people.

But the music.

Think TBN: very gospel-y sound, lots of organ, songs written in the 1960's. (There were plenty of good songs written in the 1960's, I'm sure, but these are not they.)

I am realizing how important music is to worship. It has always been my favorite part, nourishing my spirit, comforting, exciting, encouraging. Music is emotional and connects us to worship in a way that teaching (while of paramount importance) does not.

Obviously, I don't mean that the music here is wrong. It's just not my taste. And, sometimes something can be so contrary to one's taste that it's difficult to feel moved. As a result, I am simply hungry. And, I look forward to being at St. Andrew's for a couple of weeks soon.

Perhaps I could put in a few special requests?


Speaking of music, my kids fancy themselves rock stars lately. Whenever a fast-paced song comes on my ipod, they grab their instruments, put on their fierce faces, and begin to rock.


Christi said...

I hate to tell you this but little boys are so much more creative than moms can ever be. You will never be able to keep ahead of them with rules because they just think differently.

Lenae said...

The marker-sniffing made me laugh a lot :D

And I hear you about worship music; I too have nothing against more traditional forms, but when we visited my husband's parents in Ohio a few months ago, I actually teared up with joy with I saw there was an electric guitar AND drums up on the stage. Whether it's an organ or drums that stir your soul, there's nothing quite like a good worship session to point your heart heavenwards.

Theresa Garcia said...

Hey there!

I should be back from Windy Gap by the time you guys get back! Yay! Can't wait to see you!

The Zevacs said...

becky....bring on the requests. i'll see what i can do. seriously. :) which sunday will you be here?


This Heavenly Life said...

How awesome to have so little car time! If the weather's nice, maybe you could all walk and rock out to the ipod music instead :)