Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weddings explained

Wow, it's been 10 days.  Sorry about that.  Our travels to Georgia and all the splendor that ensues has rather occupied me lately.  Don't worry, it'll make for some good stories when I have a chance to write more.

So, the reason we're in Georgia is that my cousin is getting married Saturday, and all of my kids are in the wedding.  The boys are the ring bearers, and Lauren and Lesey (my niece) are the flower girls.  Though Lauren keeps forgetting what they're called and referring to them as the flower princesses.  She's also pretty sure it involves getting IN a basket of flowers.

A few weeks ago I took the boys to get measured for their tuxes, and Lauren asked if she needed to get measured, too.

Me: Remember you have a pretty flower girl dress?
Lauren: But, I want to wear a bear costume, too!
Me after brief, confused pause:  No, no, sweetie.  The boys are going to be the ring bearERs, not bears.  They will be in fancy clothes, not bear costumes.
Joshua:  Mom, why's it called a ring bearer?
Me: Bear means to carry or bring something, and the ring bearer carries the wedding rings down the aisle . . . but you won't actually carry the rings.
Josh: What do we carry?
Me: A little pillow
Josh (I saw it coming): Why aren't we called pillow bearers?  Why do we carry pillows?
Me: Look, you're just there to look cute in your tuxedos, okay?

A few days later.

Me: Lauren, on Friday we're going to practice for the wedding.  You'll get to practice carrying your flower basket to the front of the church.
Lauren: And then I'll get in the flowers?
Me: No, for the thousandth time, the flower girl does not get in flowers; she just drops them on the ground.
Lauren: Then where do I go?
Me:  You'll stand in the front where Josh and Ethan will be because the ring bearers stand in the front, too.
Lauren: And then, do the ring bearers capture the flower princesses?

I don't know quite what she's picturing, but it sounds more exciting than any wedding I've ever been to.

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Lenae said...

Ha ha... cute! I love how kids' minds work!