Friday, July 24, 2009

7 quick Takes Friday

This week's Quick Takes:


Still in Georgia.  We've been here nine days, and in one way it feels like we've been here forever because I miss David, and in another way I can't believe we have only a few days left.  

I think it is actually going to be a little bit sadder to leave this time because last time I at least knew I would be back in two months for this wedding.  This time I know not when I shall return.


Sometimes I find saying things in old English makes them less sad.


The kids are still having a blast swimming and playing with their cousins. I think they had forgotten what it was like to swim without fear of hypothermia.  In nine days, they have gotten more than the have the rest of the summer heretofore.


I have shopped, shopped, and shopped some more.  But, don't worry, David, I have also returned, returned, and returned some more.

My usual shopping MO is to buy pretty much everything I like, and then over the course of the next few days, I  return things as I begin to miss the money and think I would appreciate it more than the item.  I still keep the things I love, but I feel like I'm earning money as I return the things I can live without.  I realize this shopping method may not work for everyone, but I know that I really do return lots of things, so it works for me.  Apparently, I appreciate our money much more after it's gone.

There's probably a lesson there.


Sorry, that's all I have time for  this week.  I'll be better after the trip, I promise!

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This Heavenly Life said...

I loved your old english commentary :) Also? It's good to know there's another habitual returner out there. It's those darn marketing ploys that get me in the store and I feel like I deserve to have those things! Then at home I look around and see the real world, and shouldn't have bought so much. When will I learn?