Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is that saying much?

The library here is small. Like really small. Unable to find books by any of my favorite authors, I decided to just give a few random titles a try while I wait for my inter-library loan requests to come through. So far they've all been a bust.

The latest one is by an author named Beverly Lewis, and I could not get past the first 10 pages for the poor writing. As I was looking at the back cover again trying to remember what made me think it might be worth reading, I noticed the large quote of praise in the center of the cover:

"No one does Amish-based inspirationals better than Lewis."

Could the praise get any narrower than that? Was there a lot of competition in the "Amish-based inspirational" category? Judging by this book, I'd say not.


Nikki said...

So sorry to hear you don't like Beverly Lewis. She is one of my absolute favorites for Amish fiction writing. I hope you get your requests soon.

This Heavenly Life said...

I agree about her seems kinda forced or juvenile sometimes. But I have read another Amish fiction writer's books too (Barbara something?), and I have to say that Beverly Lewis IS better. Which is sad.