Thursday, June 11, 2009

Joshua's first book

Joshua spent the entire afternoon writing a book. He says it's going to be a chapter book. Here is page 1 . . . the words are entirely his, but I helped with the spelling.

Here's what it says:

Once upon a time there were some pirates and they were mean pirates and they were off to find the treasure. But they caught sight of something. It was scallywags and they came on board. Aargh you mateys. Fire 1 Fire 2 fire 3 Good job mateys. Land ahoy! This is the wrong beach. Sailaway mateys. We are at sea. Oh no. They are chasing us again. Fire! We are out of cannons. Drat! Get your weapons. Attack! Capture her.

Hate to leave you hanging, but you'll have to tune in again for page 2. :)

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