Monday, June 8, 2009

House photos

Okay, you asked for them; here they are.

The front, which is actually the side, but it is where we go in and out all day, and I think it seems more like the front. (got that?)

The kitchen, which I LOVE.

The dining room (I'll be getting new doors and paint for the cabinets and a cushion for the window seat. I'd love to do something about that blue, too, but I'm not sure what.)

The lower cabinets on one side of the dining room have these GREAT drawers built in. The top drawer is divided for holding silver, but since I don't have any silver, it works great for markers, colored pencils, etc. The next several drawers are deep enough to hold placemats without folding them. I use the ones on the right for placemats, and the ones on the left hold the kids' coloring books, sketch pads, construction paper, etc.

The living room (The rolled-up rugs and plaid love seat are not staying.)

The music room. I love the little built-in corner cabinet (you can barely see it in the pic); it has triangular drawers at the bottom. I want to change the rug and drapes, but they came with the house, so for now ($$), they stay.

The master bathroom.

The third floor is a giant playroom. I'm embarrassed to post the picture, but trust me, I spent almost THREE hours cleaning/organizing this room on Friday. (The boxes of toys are ones I am getting rid of.) However, last night we had six kids ages 3-6 playing up there for hours, so it's in need of a little work today. (You can't really tell in the picture, but there is a little alcove on each side of the room, and there is a twin bed in each of those, so this doubles as a guest room.)

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