Friday, June 5, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday


It's 58 degrees here again today. We walked over to the park this morning and had to come home after about half an hour because we were too chilly. (It was only about 49-50 degrees then.) I guess one keeps long sleeves and long pants accessible all year round here. I had planned to move them to the third floor, but it seems the kids need them every couple of days.


We went to David's cousin's house last night to celebrate her son's finishing kindergarten. On the way there we stopped to get him a card. Lauren said, "Is it Jack's birthday?" I explained that it wasn't his birthday; it was just a celebration like we had when Josh finished kindergarten a few weeks ago. She responded, "Great! I LOVE to celebrate!" And she does.


I'm amazed at how many things one can buy in a hardware store in a small town. Just now I ran over to get some colored pencils for the boys. I ordered some Dover coloring books from Amazon last week because they were having a buy 3 get 1 free sale. They are such great educational coloring books, but the ones for older kids are so detailed that you really have to use colored pencils. Right now Ethan and Josh are on the front porch coloring in theirs; Josh is coloring in "Indians of the Northeast" and Ethan in "The American Revolution."


I've been feeling a message from the Lord lately about being light in darkness, but I haven't figured out where it's going yet. Does that ever happen to you? Like you keep thinking or encountering the same concept over and over, and you feel like it must mean something but you're not sure what? I'm going to try to flesh it out when I can.


I drove to Buffalo last weekend to fly down to Chattanooga for a few days. As I was looking at the atlas trying to get to the airport, it struck me how close Canada is. It takes a little over two hours to get to Buffalo, and it appears on the map that it would take only another couple of hours to get to Toronto. (That's my guess anyway . . . it's about an inch and a half. I'm not so good with the math.) I'm hoping we can take a trip up to Canada sometime soon. Does one need a passport for Canada?


I think I"m getting sick, but I'm not sure. I worked out at the gym last night and used more weight than I should have. So, now I'm not sure if I ache all over because I'm stupid or because I'm sick. Hope it's the former because at least stupidity is not contagious. Well, then again, there are the democrats . . .


The kids have loved having "new" cousins here to play with, no one more so than Lauren. She and Isabella have become fast friends and LOVE playing with each other.

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Love Being a Nonny said...

Just this week it became law that a passport is required for Canada.