Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ethan's birthday party

After just 15 hours (literally) of preparation in the kitchen yesterday, we had Ethan's dinosaur-themed birthday party today.

The dinosaur footprints leading to the house. I thought they looked more like tulips than T-rex prints, but the kids like them.

The menu: two types of chicken salad sandwiches on homemade rolls, dino-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips and homemade dip, chocolate-covered strawberries, and two dinosaur cakes. And ice cream, of course.

Dino cake #1 turned out quite cute. Though Joshua tells me that brachiosauruses didn't have spots. I said, yeah, and they weren't made out of sugar either; use your imagination, kid. Then he told me what a great mom I am. Yeah.

Dino cake number 2 did not turn out so well. It looked more like a cross between a dragon and a sick puppy. Even sicker if you could see that one of his back legs is orange because I ran out of blue frosting. (I had tinted a little bit orange intending to give him spots, but I had to use it for his leg!)

Birthday boy and his cake.

Evan, Jack, Ethan, and Joshua

The kids enjoying their cake and ice cream on the front porch because it started raining. Again.

Opening his gifts.

These dinosaur masks were party favors. They came fully assembled with the strings attached and everything. A great find on (I also put a bag of dino-shaped gummy snacks in each bag, and they took home all of the little sticky plastic dinosaurs they found in the dino-hunt game.)

Happy dinosaurs.


My Happy Homestead said...

Hey, I was equally impressed by dino cake #1 and #2... more so impressed that you made TWO, not one, but TWO dino cakes. We had a great time! By the way, I just went upstairs to open the window in the kids room, and as I walked by a sleeping Jack guess what he was wearing? ..... His dino mask!!!!

Drew Watts said...

Ethan's birthday party looks super interesting to me. I am also going to host such a party for my daughter’s birthday. We have started party planning in advance. I am going to invite all her friends as well as our entire family to this bash so will book one of the rental spaces for parties.