Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

Wow, three Halloween-related posts in two days. Oh well, gotta document, right?

Ethan as a skunk. He got the most comments and laughter . . . from every house. I told him only to spray on the rude people.

Lauren as a princess. She has a really cute Cinderella dress on under the coat, but alas, it was 45 degrees and very windy, so she had to wear a coat. I put on her most princess-y looking one that her Grandma gave her, but it made her look more like Little Blue Riding Hood than a princess. Oh well, just don't tell Lauren.

Joshua as a ninja. Though for some reason I labeled the picture jedi. I guess they're kinda the same.

My niece Lesey as a Renaissance Queen. Not to be confused with another time period. I don't think queens back then typically colored their hair blue, but we had some colored hairspray, so they all wanted to use it.

This was our first time trick-or-treating in Tinytown, and it was awesome! In the past our experience with trick-or-treating has gone something like this: Walk up to closed door and ring doorbell. Person inside will come to door, hand you candy, and then close the door behind you.

That's not how it works here. Practically the whole town is decked out, and most people are sitting on their porches or in their driveways waiting for the kids. Closed doors were the exception tonight.

Josh wanted me to add this picture because, with his ninja hood on, you couldn't see that his hair was red and blue.

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Lenae said...

Cute kids, cute costumes! Love the skunk one; didn't see any of those this year! (Oh, and I think your spraying directions were excellent :)

What a bummer that Lauren had to wear a coat, but she still looked adorable! My husband impressed me with tales of snowy trick-or-treating from his Ohio childhood... Eek.

Our neighbors sit outside to greet the kids too, and I think it's great :)