Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween parties

I loved getting to go to my kids' classes today to help with their Halloween parties. They love showing off how they know their way around, and I love seeing them in that environment.

Ethan's class made Halloween hats and were in the middle of reading to themselves when I arrived.

I have to brag on Ethan for a moment. I got to be there when his teacher announced who had perfect behavior for the month of October, and Ethan was the ONLY one. In fact, he has had perfect behavior the entire year, that great kid of mine. :)

Lauren wanted to sit in my lap and be held the whole time I was at her school. Except she did love to skip ahead of me and "show me the way."

"Pin the stem on the pumpkin" is maybe not her strong suit.

Unfortunately, Joshua is still sick, so no school for him. He and Lesey (my niece who's visiting from Georgia) have spent the afternoon busily turning our third floor playroom into a haunted house. I'll be back with pictures when I'm allowed to go up and look.

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This Heavenly Life said...

Pin the stem on the pumpkin...heh. :)