Friday, October 16, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday


Lauren has been curious lately about where she was before she was born. She's got this idea in her head that she was in heaven all by herself, which she does not like because she says she would be scared all by herself.

I've explained to her that I have no idea where we were (if anywhere) before we're born but that maybe she's right and she was in heaven with God. Today she came to me out of nowhere with a very pouty look on her face and said, "Mommy, when I was in heaven with God, I didn't get to see how tall he was."

The things my kids can find to complain about.


Last weekend I saw a sign in front of a restaurant in Harrisburg that left me baffled. I spent miles perplexedly pondering its meaning. It said, "Beer to go. Draft or six-pack."

I know, it sounds just like the kind of thing that would leave you deep in thought for half an hour, too, right?

But really, I've never seen a sign for beer to go before. Draft beer. How do they do that? Surely a cup with just a lid would violate open container laws. Do they put it in a bottle? That would sort of defeat the purpose of it being draft, wouldn't it? I was tempted to go in and order some just to satisfy my curiosity so I could stop wasting precious brain cells thinking about this.

Anyone know how this works?


Here's what our yard looked like yesterday.

Here's what it looks like today:

Remember what my mountain looked like one week ago?

Here's what it looks like today:

So much for Fall.


So glad I bought snow gear in Harrisburg last weekend! I really thought I was being supermom and buying things way ahead of time. That's so unlike me that I should have suspected something was amiss.


Apparently October is Fire Safety Month. All of my kids have come home this week with some sort of fire related homework assignment. Count how many smoke detectors and fire extinguishers we have. Test the batteries. Have a fire drill.

Lauren's preschool sent home a note letting us know that there will be firemen and a fire truck at her school on Friday. When I told Lauren about it, she said, "I hope he doesn't spray me with fire!" "Lauren, firemen don't spray fire. Remember what comes out of their hoses?" "Yes," she replied, "Water. Then it turns into fire, right?"

I'm thinking fire safety month is going to be a bit lost on her.


I suppose once the snow melts we really should get around to raking the hundred million leaves that are currently covering our yard and sidewalk. Somehow it just doesn't seem right that it could be covered in snow before we've even had a chance to rake the leaves.

Interesting tinytown trivia: There is no city trash pickup here. You're on your own for finding a way to dispose of your garbage. But, leaves . . . those the city will pick up for you. Drive around right now, and you'll see piles and piles of leaves on the curb just waiting to be picked up.

What kind of place picks up your leaves for you but not your stinkin' trash?!


The bad thing about winter is that it requires covering up

all one's cute clothes.

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Lenae said...

Lauren is too funny!

Hm, leaves but not trash... Maybe hide small amounts of trash under the leaves? By the time they realize they've been duped, it'll be too late! Cue evil laughter!!!

Kate Wicker @ Momopoly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words. I love how Jen's QTs brings me into contact with so many amazing people.

I'm a law-school-dropout-turned-at-home-mom. :)

Your pictures are beautiful and so is your family...

God bless!

Chelsea said...

Oh so many comments! Kids are awesome. I think God is tall... I'm 6' and I want to look up when I see him. :) You can tell her that!

There's a drive-through liquor store in Texas. You can get margaritas in big styrafoam cups to-go. I know this because I got one when I was like 19. This is wrong on SO many levels.

Snow! Gross! Here is Houston we're just now in the 70's. And I don'tknwo that it'll stick around. It's been in the 90s up until today!

This Heavenly Life said...

Lauren's commentary on God and Firemen is SO wonderful. She's a gem. Must be the name - it's a good one :)

That snow is awfully pretty - two months from now. Maybe this was a fluke and you'll have a warm stretch soon. Yeah, I know - that'll happen when God shoots fire from a hose to melt your snow. But there's a chance...

Tami Boesiger said...

Darn it! I want to know how tall God is too! How cute.

The snow looks so peaceful. Tell me you enjoyed it, especially being so prepared for it! Way to go, Supermom!

(You do realize you've made the rest of us look bad, though, right? I'll forgive you this once, seeing how I just met you and all.)

Have a great week.