Friday, October 30, 2009

The third floor haunted house

The kids decided today that they wanted to turn the third floor playroom into a haunted house. (For the record, my kids have never actually been to a haunted house. I value my sleep way too much to permit such a thing.) Joshua and Lesey spent over an hour working on it alone and then recruited the help of my aunt Bobbie who's here visiting. After school, Ethan and Lauren joined in the creation, and here's what I saw when I was finally allowed upstairs.

"The Haunted House"

"Enter if you dare"

The kids with Aunt Bobbie . . . the room is much creepier with the lights off, but then I can't get a good picture. (Though with the lights on, I'm not sure what's scarier - the spider webs or the mess on the floor!)

This is an Optimus Prime ghost, I'm told.

Joshua said they put these hangers on the floor because when I stepped on them in the dark, they would clang together and sound like bones. He was a bit disappointed when I did not mistake them for a human skeleton in my playroom.

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This Heavenly Life said...

You are such a trooper! I would have been gritting my teeth trying to enjoy their creativity without wondering who'd be left to clean it up. A trait I need to work on :)