Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Day 2008

I'll get back to Disney posts one of these days. I figure it would seem less strange to be posting pics from Disney World in March than to be posting Christmas pics then. Though, given my track record, I will probably still have my Christmas decorations up in March, so maybe it wouldn't be so odd after all. Anyhow, here it is.

I LOVED Christmas this year. Because we took a huge family trip to Disney World ten days before Christmas, David and I agreed (and explained to the kids ahead of time) that the trip was our Christmas present to each other, so we would not be putting anything under the tree for them on Christmas morning. It made Christmas morning so simple and meaningful instead of crazy and chaotic.

Of course, being a softy about Christmas, I couldn't resist putting a few things in their stockings. I had to put the stockings on the floor because one of the things I bought for the boys was Star Wars Color Wonder books, and they wouldn't fold to fit inside the stockings . . . plus, they made them too heavy:

So, to say the morning gift-opening was scaled down would be quite an understatement. But, we all loved it, and I loved seeing how much they enjoyed the simple, littlest things because they had expected pretty much nothing. See what I mean:

Lauren opening bathtub crayons:

Ethan's Pirates of the Caribbean stickers:

In addition to the stockings, they each had a gift from one of David's aunts and a small gift they each picked out for each other. (David's mom sent a box for each as well, but Ethan's didn't get here in time, so we all agreed that no one would open his/her box from Grandma until Ethan's arrived . . . which it finally did on Dec. 29th!)

The kids appreciated every little thing they received, and at one point Joshua said, "These are the best Christmas presents I've ever gotten!" It was so nice to watch them savor each small thing instead of hurrying on to what was next . . . because they knew there was no next!

The Star Wars gifts Joshua and Ethan bought for each other:

It wouldn't be Christmas without homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast after the gift-opening.

At lunchtime we headed over to my parents' house for Christmas dinner.

Lauren is always thrilled to see her Pops:

No gathering of my family would be complete without a jam session. Those are my brothers on the guitar and drums, David on the trumpet, and Joshua on, yes, the tambourine:

My brother Dan has been performing in bands since he was a teenager. I've seen him play every type of guitar, the mandolin, the harmonica, all manner of percussion instruments, rain sticks, a banjo, the piano, and probably many more. I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've seen him tackle the xylophone:

I'd say a good time was had by all.

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