Saturday, January 31, 2009

Conversations with Lauren

1. In the car saying prayers while driving Joshua to school in the rain: "Dear God, thank you for the trees and the rain and the swiper shields." (That would be the windshield wipers.)

2. "Mommy, I'm going to sing you a Christmas song." "Okay, which one?" "Umm, Free Me Kings!" (That would be "We Three Kings.") The funny thing about this one is that she started singing nonsensical sounds to the proper tune, clearly knowing absolutely none of the words except "king," and after she got at least two-thirds of the way through, she said, "Mommy, I don't know this song." Ya think?

3. Trying distract Lauren from her fussing as I cooked supper yesterday, and she was wanting to be held:
Me: When you grow up are you going to be a mommy and cook supper for your family?
Lauren: NO!! I'm gonna be a ballerina, remember?
Me: Oh yeah. Well, do you think you'll also cook dinner sometimes?
Lauren: Umm, yes. (voice goes up an excited notch or two now as she has yet another of her brilliant ideas) I will be a Ballerina Cooker Mommy!!

This last one struck me the most funny because I am an annoyingly literal person. When I read the book, "Time for Bed," (a family favorite, btw) I can't stand to read one chapter as it is written. It goes, "Time for bed, little sheep, little sheep. The whole wide world is going to sleep."

That's just not true. The whole wide world is not going to sleep. Much of it is just waking up or in the middle of their day. So, until I had a child who could read, I always said instead, "Much of the world is going to sleep."

I know. I must be so much fun to live with.

Anyway, I hope she doesn't grow up to be a ballerina cooker mommy. I'm pretty sure it's illegal and wrong.

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My Happy Homestead said...

I love the funny things they say. It keeps me laughing...