Friday, January 9, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

I got this idea from a blog I love, The Conversion Diary. She posts seven random quick things that would be sort of short for real blog entries on their own. I'm not good at short, but I am good at random. :)


In the category of "Why One Should Never Have Kids as a Method of Boosting Self-Esteem," Lauren loves to help me fold laundry. She's mastered dish rags and wash cloths quite well and has moved on to underwear, usually hers or the boys. This morning she picked up one of mine and said, "Can I fold these REALLY huge ones?"


I have never been a fan of The Bachelor, but this season I'm particularly repulsed by the fact that the bachelor this season is a parent. I find it rather despicable. Almost as much as Congress giving itself a raise last month. (An open letter to Congress coming soon.)


Did you know that I have a pathological aversion to scraping sounds, particularly teeth-brushing? Even writing about it is hard for me because it makes me think about the sound, and I'm getting skin-crawling goose bumps already. It doesn't bother me to brush my own (aren't you glad?), though I will confess I use massive amounts of toothpaste to minimize the scraping, and I always leave the water running despite the environmental warnings about wasting water. David has finally learned after 8 years of marriage NEVER to brush his teeth when I am in the bathroom. Where it becomes a problem is the kids. Brushing their teeth is quite possibly my least favorite parenting task. Yes, I'd rather change a dirty diaper. So, we should probably be praying for my kids' oral health.


I cleaned out my dresser this morning and was very pleased at how nice it is to be able to open and close the drawers with ease. Everything fit quite nicely. Then I remembered the massive mountain of dirty laundry on the other side of the room. How the heck am I going to add THAT? Maybe I'll just never wash it so I don't have to ruin my nicely organized dresser.


I'm going to see my surgeon on Monday because my incision has grown terribly painful again. Also, the rib that now pokes out the wrong way (did you know it was possible for your rib to poke out instead of in after it's been retracted for 3 hrs?) feels constantly bruised and painful. I had reached the point months ago where it practically didn't hurt at all, so I don't know why it hurts again now. Hope he has an answer. Or at least some good drugs?


If I say, "Obeying slowly is the same as not obeying" one more time, I'm going to cry. And, probably my kids will, too.


Hearsay has made himself right at home and is happy as a lark now that we've given up on the crate. This is what he's doing right now. (Ethan added the blanket.)


Heather said...

I agree with you regarding #2. I almost posted about it, but as I've never seen 1 episode, I don't feel too qualified to judge. Hearsay is a great name for a dog!

Jawan said...

I'm adding your link to my blogroll soon...when I get home from presbytery.

I think David may want his rib back. Sorry it is hurting.

Shannon said...

Until just now, I was the only person I know who has an aversion to scraping sounds - not all scraping but the teeth scraping sounds are enough to make me run away clinching my teeth. I cannot ever eat cabbage(more of a squeak, I guess) because of it. EEk! My jaws are locking up just thinking about it...
Hearsay is obviously loving his new life, lol. Love the pic!

beckygiggles said...

I linked to you from Jen at Conversion Diary. Great blog! I'll definitely be back. I had the same thought the last time I saw a Bachelor commercial. Ew. It's bad enough for these single people to be doing that stuff, but as an example to a child? And at our house it's "Obey the first time." I like your version too, though. It gives me something new to repeat to my three year old countless times throughout our day.

beckygiggles said...

Sorry, I forgot. I have actually smacked my baby's hand for scraping her nails on the wall next to the changing table. I told myself it was to keep the wall in decent shape, but it was really because I couldn't tolerate the sound.