Saturday, January 3, 2009


1. I will wear at least one outfit a week that does not involve my white layering cami underneath. I seem to have a pathological need for a small layer of white to peak out from underneath all of my shirts.

2. I will eat at least one lunch a week that does not involve peanut butter.

3. I will shower on a regular basis. Don't worry; I do mean more than once a week, but let's face it, daily ain't happening.

4. I will shave both legs on the same day at least once . . . during 2009.

5. I will be on time . . . at least once a week.

6. I will invent a shopping cart with power steering, a pivot ball (like on a Dyson vacuum), and running boards on the sides to better hold numerous children.

7. I will shop less. (This is me trying to make that sound like a choice I'm making based on my own volition and self-control rather than the fact that we're moving to David's hometown, where I'm pretty sure Dollar General is the only available shopping venue.)

8. I will take down my Christmas decorations before Easter. And, I WILL label the boxes this year!

9. I will clean out under my bed. Before we move because that would be cheating, I guess. I think there may be an undiscovered third-world country under there.

10. I will refrain from rolling my eyes at or speaking sarcastically to my husband . . . at least once a week. You didn't think I meant ever, did you? What am I, Mother Teresa?

11. I will daily remind myself that I would trade showers, punctuality, adult lunches, fashion, and shaved legs in a heartbeat for the three precious children that are right now curled up on the couch watching Star Wars with David and the dog. (They should be in bed, but there is a thunderstorm, and knowing who the softy on our parenting team is, they went to David first.)


Nikki said...

I think I might have to copy & paste your resolutions into my blog because it sounds just like the things I need to do. I am wondering if we are living the same life (minus one child). Where & when are you moving???

My Happy Homestead said...

I love it when Jason has said, "Why don't you go to the Dollar Store?" after telling him that I need a break, and I need to get out of the house! Really, how much retail therapy can you get at the Dollar Store!? ;)

Amen to your list!

Tonya said...

These are great - and I can relate to several of them! I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed your Disney trip posts. We've been contemplating when to take our next DW trip and you have inspired me to seriously consider going in December...most likely 2010 for us in hopes that Isaac will be potty trained by then. I also enjoyed reading about how grateful your kids were for their Christmas stockings - very inspirational. Happy New Year!

beck'sthree said...

Nikki, we are moving to northern PA (a small town in the Allegheny mountains) whenever our house sells. It's been on the market since July. My husband has a job already, so we will leave the second someone buys our house.

Esther, I think at the very least we should start some sort of petition to get a playground put in at that Mickey D's of y'all's!