Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some Lists to End the Year

So, I guess on the last day of the year, you're supposed to make a list of some sort, right? Things I Learned This Year, Best Moments, New Year's Resolutions - that sort of thing. As I sat down to make a list, though, I couldn't decide what type of list to make. So, I just made a bunch. They're random. I'm sure you're surprised.

Times we feared for Lauren's life this year:
-When she almost drowned (got into my mom's pool without floaties and actually aspirated a little water we learned at the Urgent Care place the next day)
- When she consumed an entire bottle of liquid Tylenol (Actually, she spilled a lot on her pajamas, thereby not ingesting enough to be life-threatening. We learned this after a trip to see Kennon McClendon on the ER.)
- When she fell off the bed and hit her head so hard she threw up

Phrases Joshua learned from watching too many movies and which he has used in casual conversation:
- Sorry doesn't cook the noodles. (Said in exactly the right context when I told him I was sorry about something as I was cooking noodles.)
- Your deal just expired. (Said to Ethan more than once)
- There are no accidents. (Said to me when I told him something was an accident. This one almost led to a ban on movie-watching.)

Things Ethan learned to do this year as I continue to be amazed at how smart he is:
- Read 3 and 4 letter words easily.
- Add and subtract better than his 6 year-old brother
- Put a puzzle together upside down, thereby having no picture to work with. (His Grandma discovered he could do this one.)

Things I found in Joshua's pockets while doing laundry:
- Rocks
- Acorns. Lots of acorns.
- Dead ladybugs
- Hair (Joshua tries very hard to collect his hair during every haircut. I usually remember to stop him, but not every time. He says he's going to make a wig.)

Family accomplishments:
- We finally got the house painted and organized.
- We've kept a pet alive for over a year and a half. In fact, we didn't have a pet die at all in 2008.
- David quit his job last week. (I list this as an accomplishment because, well, let's hope it turns out to be one.)
- Joshua lost 4 teeth . . . and only once had to remind the tooth fairy about it the following morning.
- Lauren got potty trained!!
- Ethan learned to swim proficiently.
- I lost 20 lbs, albeit through major surgery. Oh, another accomplishment . . . I got my arteries fixed without having to sacrifice any vital organs.

Family and friends who grew to mean even more to me this year:
- Hil, Yella, C, and E for the awesome care package they sent after my surgery. C even created a custom crossword puzzle full of fun memories of the five of us to give me something to do while I recovered. I love us. :)
- My mom and Renae for letting my kids move in with them while I recovered.
- My aunt Bobbie and Renae for their incredible discretion and never-ending willingness to lend a helping hand.
- Melissa for always saying yes when I need help and usually offering before I even ask.
- Kristi because "you don't know what you've got till it's gone." I miss you!
- Of course, David and my kids for reasons far too many to list here. David should earn an award every year for simply living with me. His ability to hold his tongue while living with someone who, despite her good intentions, clearly has no grasp of the concept whatsoever, is truly accolade-worthy.

Phrases I uttered most often:
- Leave her alone!
- What's going on?
- Who did this?
- Boys, stop that!
- Where are your shoes?
- Where is your hairbow?
- Buckle your carseat.
- I love you.
- Y'all are great kids.

Phrases I would love not to hear in 2009:
- No! Stop! (I'm hearing that one as I type.)
- No, that's mine!
- No! No! No! (That would be Lauren.)
- I had it first!
Okay, I can't even write any more of these. Just hearing them in my head is giving me a headache!

Reasons I should end these lists now:
- It's time to leave for our New Year's Eve party
- The kids are not even dressed
- The kids are yelling at each other, and I am ignoring them
- The dog needs to go out.

So, goodbye and happy new year.

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