Saturday, December 27, 2008

Meet our newest family member

Look who we got today!

He's a 1 year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix who we have named Hearsay. (yes, we're lawyer geeks who had another dog named that years ago . . . but we really like it.) He is so great with the kids - very gentle and loves to be petted. Since Joshua is pretty afraid of dogs, he was a perfect fit. We played with a LOT of dogs brought in by the various shelters for adoption at PetSmart today, and Hearsay was the calmest by far. He's already had a bath, met Sebastian (the cat), scoped out the house, and found his favorite spot on the the Winnie the Pooh couch.


kim said...

Yay. He's a cutie. LOVE his name. :)

Jenn said...

Oh, he's sooo cute, and he looks sweet. I never thought I would love having a dog so much, but after three years of Max, I think I'm hooked for life. Mike's not quite as enthusiastic, but Max and I will wear him down. :)