Friday, December 19, 2008

We're Back

If you weren't aware of where I've been the past week, we went with my entire family to Disney World. Sorry for not mentioning it. While I'm sure it's unlikely that any burglars read my blog, I really didn't feel like being burgled while we were gone. I figured it wasn't likely given that we don't have much worth stealing anyway. Seriously, you would have to spend more money buying those silly black ski masks and, I don't know, crowbars or something, than the value of anything you would find in our house. Except maybe David's trumpets, but if that's what you're after, spare us the time and expense (and knowing me, injury) of broken window glass, and just let me know. I'll arrange to have them put on the street for you somewhere. (I jest, dear. I love your trumpets.)

So, that's where we were. I will probably be blogging about it for the next six years or so since I have 568 Disney pictures. (That is not one of my typical sarcastic exaggerations; I really have 568 pictures.) For today, I'll just say that we had a fantastic trip and are glad to be home.

Really? Did you believe me? That that was all I would say? Ha!

For the drive down, my mom and I rode in our minivan with our three kids plus one of my nieces. (David rode with one of my brothers in my mom's car, which carried most of our luggage. Yeah, that's right. For some reason I wasn't offered the option of riding with the luggage instead of the four kids. Maybe next year.)

It took us 8 1/2 hrs to get there thanks to the 6 or 7 stops we made on the way down. (Mom and I lost count and aren't sure if we stopped 6 or 7 times, but we both agree it felt more like 100.) The good news is on the way home we drove at night, so the kids slept a lot of the way, and we made it in just over 6 1/2 hrs. Yes, TWO HOURS faster driving at night with the kids asleep. I foresee a lot of Benadryl in my children's futures.

We did not get home until after midnight last night and are all extremely exhausted. My dear dad, who did not accompany us but who did coordinate most of the trip for us, decided to make a pot of his homemade spaghetti sauce for my sister-in-law and me today. When I went by earlier, he surprised me with it and said he figured we wouldn't feel like cooking today. Have I ever mentioned that I have the world's best parents?

For today, I'll just post a few pictures. My plan is to cover different parts of the trip over the next week or so rather than just doing massive Disney photo/story overload. Enjoy these cute faces for now:

My little Tinkerbell:

A goofy hat for a goofy kid:

Since he's missing his own front teeth, Joshua chose a dinosaur face so he could at least have some fake incisors:


Davina said...

Nice. I can't wait to see more pictures.
so glad you didn't get burglarized although it would have been a great opportunity for David to be on the news again. Davina

CM and JM said...

Hilarious :) Keep 'em coming- loving it :) Glad you are back, missed you.