Friday, December 26, 2008

Thankful Friday

  • Fun making lollipop cookies with the kids tonight. David joined in as well, so it was a good family fun activity.
  • A great Christmas with a family I love.
  • A Savior who was born that man no more may die
  • Homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morn. (Which were delicious despite having forgotten the cinnamon in the first half! I added it to the top.)
  • Kids who are (finally) showing signs of Christ's selfless love. David's mom mailed boxes to everyone about a week ago. We all received our boxes before Christmas except Ethan. As of today, his box still has not arrived. Not wanting Ethan to be the only one without a box to open on Christmas, David suggested that everyone wait until Ethan's box arrived before we open any of the gifts. Joshua and Lauren readily agreed and have engaged in absolutely NO whining or complaining about not being able to open their own boxes yet. I have been so proud of how willing they were to forgo their own pleasure for the sake of their brother's feelings. (Which required no small exercise in self-control as our big Christmas gift was Disney, leaving nothing but a few small stocking stuffers for opening on Christmas morning.)
  • I am thankful that the Christmas Crack is gone, though I may have to join a 12-step program to keep from making more! (Kim, was this your recipe or Shannon's?) If you have never tasted this particular morsel of heaven, be thankful. Your waistline thanks you.
  • Tomorrow we are going to look at a dog. Wish us luck. (Actually, you should probably wish the dog luck.) I can't wait to see the excitement on the kids' faces.

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kim said...

Merry Christmas. Name escapes me now, it was Kennedy's Mom's? recipe. Yay on the dog but have you thought this through? ;) Moving with a pup? Can't wait to see which one and pictures!