Thursday, December 11, 2008

Murphy's Law

1. If you put clean sheets on every bed in your house, within 48 hours you will forget to tell your baby sitter to put a pull-up on your 3 year-old at bedtime.

2. That will also be the only bed in your house that, for reasons you can't fathom, has no mattress pad on it.

3. If your child asks for a pot to make a mudcake in, and you give him the top to your double boiler because you only use it about once a year, you will forget that and make the buckeyes which require that once-a-year pot. You will also have forgetten to make him bring it back inside, and when you remember you need it, there will be a massive deluge in your backyard, and the pot will be somewhere in the woods behind your house, currently holding a very soggy mudcake . . . which is probably nowhere near as good as buckeyes.

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