Friday, June 27, 2008

Thankful Friday

So, Ethan is four now. Of course, that means he's on to new and bigger and better things than when he was a mere three year old. This afternoon, he decided he could swing with no hands.

I'll give you two guesses who saw him and thought she could do it, too:

Ethan and Lauren are having a nice afternoon together while Josh is playing at Gaga's house. We played several games of Disney Bingo (on dvd - great game!) and countless rounds of Vehicle Matching Game. During the first game, I showed Lauren where the match was for the police car she had turned over, and I explained to Ethan that this was Lauren's first time playing, and being only 2, she needed a little help. Every game after that, Ethan would purposely "miss" a match or two (and if you know Ethan, you know he NEVER misses a match - kid has a memory like an elephant) and then help Lauren find them during her turn. Talk about a proud mommy.

Poor Josh got stung by a wasp this morning. He is such a tough kid - he didn't even cry! Later this afternoon, I asked Ethan if he was proud of how Josh reacted when that bee stung him, and Ethan said, "I don't want to tell you." I said, "Oh, because I know I was really proud of him just like I'm proud of you when you act like such a big boy." Ethan said, "Okay, I'll tell you. I was proud." :)

So, my thankful list is not exactly a bullet-point list this week but more a rambling of things that make me smile today.

A few nights ago I was getting Lauren ready for bed, and she asked where her grandma was. I said that she was in Pennsylvania. Lauren left the room and came back in with the phone in her hand and said, "I want to talk to Pennsylvania!" So, of course, we called Grandma who was happy to hear from Lauren, who is always happy to oblige a few song requests. ("Bicycle Built for Two" anyone?)

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