Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I decided this afternoon to clean out the kids' dressers because I was tired of the boys stuffing, cramming, and crumpling their drawers full of enough items to clothe a small country while, of course, wearing the same three outfits every day. Josh, being flesh of my flesh, began waxing nostalgic for clothes he hadn't worn in quite some time. He was eyeing his fleece sweatpants (I had gotten down the winter clothes basket to put away the last few long-sleeved items I had kept in the drawer in case it dropped below 90 degrees sometime past March) and said, "Mom, I miss these pants. I love them!" I explained that he would not need them again until winter, so there was no need to take up space in the dresser with them right now. Here's the conversation that followed:

Joshua: I wish it was always summer, winter, Christmas . . . or October 10th.
Me: You wish every day was one of those?
J: Yes, because then I would get a present or at least get to wear my favorite clothes every day . . . but I wish it would never, ever be Sunday.
Me: Why?
J: So I wouldn't have to go to church. I don't like church.
Me: I think when you're a little older you'll understand more why we go and you'll like it more. Besides, you have a good time there, anyway.
Josh: Well, when I grow up I'm not going to church . . . [long pause], but I bet the woman I marry will beg me and beg me to go.

I don't know where he gets this stuff. Honestly.

By the way, he's sound asleep right now . . . in his gray fleece sweatpants.

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