Friday, June 6, 2008

Thankful Friday


- Boys who played (quietly!) in their room for almost an hour after waking up this morning so that mommy could sleep. According to Josh, they played a matching game, Guess Who, put together two floor puzzles, and of course, built the brilliant architectural display you see above. Thank you, sons.
- Parents who have a swimming pool and live only 10 minutes away. (It's 94 degrees today; we will be there soon, mom!)
- Good friends. I saw several this week and was reminded how much I love and need my friends.
- That Lauren and I get to go to Jacksonville to see two other good friends and their little daughters in a few days for some good mommy/daughter/friend time.
- A husband who loves me despite my, um, shall we say temper? (I know, I know - that sounds a little shocking since I seem like I'd just be such a peach to live with, right?)

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