Sunday, July 6, 2008

The race is on

I love the Olympics. I decided to let the boys stay up and watch a little bit of the track & field and swimming trials tonight. I told Josh that the 1500 meter was about to start and that the men would run around the track 4 times. He said, "Like this?" and ran a lap around our living room. I said that no, he would have to run around our living room about 100 times to be a mile. So, of course, being Joshua, he HAD to become what he was watching, so from the moment the starting gun went off, he started running laps around the living room and continued to run the entire 3 minutes and 49 seconds that the race lasted. (Can you believe people can run that quickly?) He said, "Did I win? Do I get to go to the Olympics?!" and when I told him yes, he ran his victory lap:

On our way home from mom's house tonight, we found this little guy on the railroad track. We pointed him out, but the kids couldn't see him from their seats. To their great surprise and delight, I got out and picked him up and brought him to the van for them to see. To their even greater shock and delight, I put him in an empty laundry basket I had in the van so we could bring him home. (Well, I put him in it so we could bring him home; the laundry basket wasn't in the van so we could bring him home - sometimes I have trouble correctly placing my modifiers. And, sometimes I'm anal about noting it - mea culpa.)

And, having nothing to do with anything else, but just because she's too cute for words, here's Lauren before church this morning:

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