Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pictures from Jack's birthday party in PA

I decided I'll do pics from one PA trip event each time I post. Today's pictures are from the kids' cousin Jack's birthday party. Last year we happened to be there for Isabella's party (Jack's little sister), and this year our trip just happened to fall during Jack's! The kids had such a great time with the pirate theme. Jack's parents, Jason and Mary Esther, hid clues all over their backyard with little rhymes pointing the kids to the next clue. The kids had so much fun racing from clue to clue carrying their loot bags that they had decorated right before the hunt. The hunt culminated with the kids' taking turns digging for the treasure that Jason had buried in the garden and marked with rocks in the shape of a J for Jack. (They each had lots of turns digging as it was really quite buried!) When they finally reached the treasure (which was a treasure bax wrapped in a black trash bag to protect it, making it look a lot like a dead body buried in the back yard, lol), it contained tons of goodies: beaded necklaces galore, candy, games, gold coins, etc. Here are a few pics from the party in no particular order:

Isabella enjoying her ice cream cone:

Searching for the next clue:

Still searching:

Digging up the treasure:

Lauren wearing some of her loot:

(Those beads by the way were a lifesaver during the 8+ hours we ended up spending in the Dulles airport on Tues and Wed. We had over 20 of them, and Ethan and Lauren played with them for HOURS. David agreed it was okay for Ethan to wear them since he was being a pirate.) :)

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