Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Things my kids are good at

Since yesterday was a bit of picture overload, and let's face it, not many people would be as proud of plastic animals scattered around the front yard as the parent of the scatterers, I thought I'd practice a little photo restraint today. However, I can't resist showing you what Joshua did entirely by himself while I was cooking dinner this afternoon. He told me he wanted to make this snowman craft he saw in a book his grandma sent him. I said that I didn't have time to help him with a craft at the moment, but maybe we could do it later. Joshua, never one to be deterred, asked if he could just try it all by himself. Sure, why not? Here's what he did, from start to finish without one smidgen of help from me (naturally, since the only words he ever speaks while working on something are, "Don't look yet!"):


So, in the category of "Things he's good at," crafts and anything creative/artsy would be at the top of the list for him. Other things would be physical stuff: swimming (he learned to dive (sort of) and swim to the bottom of the deep end last year, at age 4!), climbing, sports, etc.

Ethan: Here's his favorite way to pass the time:


I have pictures of him with numerous completed puzzles, but none on the hard drive of our new computer. He LOVES to work puzzles and will spend hours doing so. He plays by himself better than most 3 year olds and is already showing natural abilities at math . . . of course, you all know he got that from me. lol. On the other hand, give him a two-step instruction (ie, put your clothes on and brush your teeth), and he will still be wandering around the living room naked an hour later!

Lauren, well, Lauren loves to be the center of attention. She's a natural born entertainer and spends most of her waking hours singing, and anytime she's not singing, you can bet your bottom dollar that she's at least talking. She's not exactly singing here, but you can tell what a ham she is:


Funny Lauren incident:
On Saturday night we went to dinner at Red Robin. As the waitress was walking away from the table after we paid, Lauren leaned way out of her high chair and hollered after her, "Thanks for bringing me food!!" Typical Lauren. :)

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