Friday, May 9, 2008

Thankful Friday

Stealing this idea from my friend Kim, whose blog I love. Things I am thankful for at the end of this week:

- healthy children
- a healthy heart and properly functioning circulatory system!
- and, of course, my wonderful doctors who found my problem and fixed it
- a great relationship with my parents and siblings (and an awesome sister-in-law)
- David's newfound zeal for sprucing up the yard and flower beds
- Dora the Explorer
- warm weather
- sprinklers and children who love to play in them
- the thrill Lauren gets out of playing with bubbles . . . there's no better giggle
- friends who promise not to have any fun at their D.C. get-together since I can't be there (If you do anything besides Scrabble and _The Thin Red Line_, I will know!)
- the kids' excitement over a package from Grandma
- kids who sleep all night in their own beds
- pink pajamas with hearts on them
- blue pajamas with dinosaurs on them
- finding plastic lizards in my bed at night . . . I suspect someday I'll miss them

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