Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

Sorry, I have no pictures. I have been slack in the photo department this week. I do have cute stories, though, so your visit to my blog will not have been in vain.

On Saturday, Josh asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day. Thinking he may go shopping with David and wanting to tell him something pretty easy to find, I said, "bubble bath." So, come Sunday morning, Josh came excitedly into my bedroom bearing a GIANT (Christmas!) gift bag. Inside was something well-wrapped with construction paper and about 75 feet of scotch tape. He had wrapped up his Sesame Street watermelon bubble bath for me! Is he too sweet or what? Of course, I took a delicious smelling bath that night. :)

I also received 2 dozen gorgeous roses from David Saturday afternoon . . . and have even managed to keep them alive so far. (3 days - that must be some type of Guiness record, right?)

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