Thursday, April 9, 2009

Things I Learned this Week

1. That if I try really hard, I can beat my four year-old at chess.
2. That when I'm jogging, my 7 year-old niece can skip along side me and keep the same pace.
3. That when you buy ground beef at Walmart, the burgers don't cook evenly.
4. That it's nice to have a partner in parenting . . . and in life.
5. That men don't get math. I thought since I didn't buy the $25 skirt I was going to buy and since David unexpectedly saved $15 on his new sneakers, that gave me $40 . . . which meant the purse I wanted would cost me only $20. David somehow failed to see the logic in this and didn't think finding another place to "save" $20 would give me the $60 I was seeking. It made perfect sense to me.
6. That I can do 25 "boy" push-ups.
7. That a sense of humor makes life much more tolerable. I pity the souls (and I know many) who have none.


Christi said...

# 2- I hate it when kids and their short little legs can do as well or better than I.

#4 - On those awful horrible days, I just wonder how single parents do it. I am so glad to have a partner as well.

beckygiggles said...

I totally get your math. That's how it works in my head all the time. I don't even try to explain it to my husband. It always sounds better in my head than it does out loud.