Monday, April 19, 2010

You're a Toilet-head

While I was painting some trim in my dining room this weekend, my kids were entertaining themselves by listening to songs from my ipod. At one point, I heard the beginning of a song that is not really appropriate for children. (It's nothing terrible; it's just an old rock song that I think may have a bad word or two in it.) So, I told the kids to skip forward to the next song.

Joshua: Why?
Me: Because I think that song may have some not nice words in it.
Joshua: Like what?
Me: Well, I'm not going to say them. I don't want you to hear them; that's why I said to skip the song.
Lauren, very confidently: Oh, IIII know. It's going to say "I don't love you" and "You're a toilet-head," right mommy?
Me: Something like that, sweetie.


Lenae said...

:D Kids are awesome! I wish they would stay that pure-hearted forever!

happygeek said...

Can't wait to hear her first rock song.