Sunday, April 11, 2010

Snippets of Spring

That's what we seem to have around here.

Tuesday was a gorgeous, ride-your-bike-in-your-nightgown kind of day. (If you're four and own an Ariel nightgown; otherwise, flannel pants and a t-shirt are probably more prudent.)

We reveled in the beauty of Spring in our front yard.

Of course, not all of the bushes had flowers yet, but Lauren tried to fix that with a little floral relocation:

That was on Tuesday. On Friday we awoke to this:

I'm choosing to be thankful for the snippets, however brief they may be.

(Is it too much to ask that you take the same perspective on my blog as I'm taking on Spring?)

1 comment:

Lenae said...

Love the pictures! And I hope those snippets stretch into a nice, long, uninterrupted and glorious season soon :)