Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quick Updates

1. I'm in the process of painting my dining room. I'm pretty sure I may be the worst painter ever, but my price was so good I couldn't refuse. Before and after pictures to follow soon. And by soon I mean when I finish sometime in the next week to year.

2. My kids all have their own beds, but tonight they have chosen to share one double bed. All three of them with their never-ending don't touch me and he's too close and she won't stop looking at me's all day long. Yeah, this is gonna work out for sure.

3. Remember the love-affair I had with a GPS last summer? My heart led me astray again this week, but this time it ended badly. Very badly. I will share the sordid details once I have managed to put the pieces of my heart back together again.

4. For those of you who don't know me on Facebook: Yesterday Lauren got out some scissors and paper while I was painting the dining room. I asked her what she was cutting, and she replied, "Can't tell you. But trust me, it'll be impressive!" I found her use of the word impressive pretty impressive.

5. I just cannot get enough of Spring. The flowers, the sunshine, the birds. This little guy was splashing around in a mud puddle in our front yard this afternoon. I couldn't get the camera in time to snap him in the water, but he hung around in a tree for a while so I could snap a shot of his cute little red-headed self I'm sure.

It's not a great shot, but getting a better one would have required leaving my porch, which would have required putting on shoes, which would have required . . . well, you get the idea. I'm as lazy a photographer as I am a blogger.


Lenae said...

I love your GPS stories. Bring it!

And your Lauren is quite impressive, indeed! What a smart little girl (just like her Mama, I'm guessing :D)

Carol DD in CA said...

Beck, I think the picture turned out really's very artistic and balanced. I like it. I'm a sucker for them!