Monday, August 24, 2009


Just a couple of recent conversations with my kids that I thought I'd share.

Lauren: Mommy, why is the coffee table like that?
Me: Because I was vacuuming, and I didn't put it back yet.
Lauren: I WUV it like that!!
Me: You know what I love? (asked with a grin)
L: Me!
Me: Yes:
L: Know what I love?
Me: Me?
L: No.


Joshua, in ultra-whine mode over having to drive to Olean to go to Walmart: I wish we could just go to all that (stores) here.
Me: Me, too, bud. If there was a Walmart here, I would definitely go there instead.
J: Why don't you tell them to build one?
Me: Tell who? Who would you suggest I tell to build a Walmart?
J: The guys that are always doing work on the roads.
Me: The road construction workers? That's who decides whether to build a Walmart?
J: Well, no.
Lauren: I know who decides to build a Walmart!
Me: Really? Who?
Lauren: God!

I did love the idea of going up to the construction workers and saying, "Hey, while you're at it, would you mind building a Walmart?"

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