Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random thoughts from the road

On Friday I drove from northern Pennsylvania to Washington, DC to spend the weekend with my best friends from law school. It was my birthday on Saturday, so it was nice to spend that time with close friends who know and love me . . . but that's not what this post is about.

This is just a random sampling of thoughts and observations from my journey.

1. I really must learn to pronounce "metallurgy" because I pass one on the highway near here and always spend the next 10 miles saying the word in my head. I can never decide whether to say met-allergy or meta-lurgy. Really ruins the next leg of my drive.

2. The highway that runs through and near my town is Rt. 6. That's how we refer to it, but I now know from Mapquest and a GPS that its official name is Grand Army of the Republic Highway. Who names these things? I felt like I should be riding horseback and carrying a rifle and a flag.

3. In Lewisburg I passed a hospital that was located on Loan Rd. How apropos.

4. We seem to have only one radio station in our town, so I was enjoying scanning the stations during the drive. However, I heard the same country song a few times, and it was quite baffling. I decided either I do not get "take you for a ride on my big green tractor" or I totally get it. We'll leave it at that.

5. There is a place not far from here that offers covered wagon rides, but the post holding up their sign shows through, so it always looks like it says clovered wagon rides.

6. Speaking of signs, there is one as you enter a small township near here that says "X Township. Permits required." That's it. No explanation as to what type of permit. I always find this quite vexing. Do I need a permit to live there? To drive through? To breathe? To be vexed? What???

(By the way "townships" are common here, as are boroughs. I am used to living in cities or towns, and that's pretty much it, but everything here is a borough or a township. I think "township" sounds nice - very Little House on the Prairie like - but "borough" I'm not a fan of. It sounds like we dug some kind of deep hole for ourselves. Plus, it's hard to spell.)

7. I borrowed a GPS device for my trip, and I fell in love. First with Mandy (the voice giving me directions on the way down) then with Tim (the poorly named British chap who told me how to get home). I've since had to break it off with both of them, but I will save that for another post.


Bill said...

1. meta-lurgy

2.Only if you are carrying the right flag!

6a.You have to have a permit to have an 'X'.
6b.Hobbit holes mean comfort.

7. GPS will soon become mandatory in all cars since they all contain a secret government tracking device.

Christi said...

Bill's right, it's meta-lurgy. The easy way to remember it is it is "metal work."

I think country music is more comprehensible after a beer (or 3). I still don't get "she thinks my tractors sexy." I really didn't like "tequila makes her clothes fall off" until hubby explained that the singer wasn't saying she had loose morals.