Monday, August 31, 2009

Gone Fishing

Last Saturday we took the kids on a little fishing outing since it was the last weekend of summer. Here's a by-the-numbers summary:

2 = number of fishing poles we had for 3 children
1 = number of kids crying to use the fishing pole at any given moment
12 = number of times the 2 fishing lines got tangled together
4 = number of times I punctured my finger with a hook
2 = number of different creeks we visited in an attempt to catch (or at least see) a fish
0 = number of fish we caught

Despite the numbers, we had a really good time spending the afternoon with the kids. The last place we went was near a park, so at least they got some playground time at the end.

Joshua waiting for a catch:

I just love looking at this kid:

Ethan waiting less than patiently while Lauren takes a turn:

Attempting to bait their own hook:

Ethan on a bridge doing his best photo smile:

She loves to fish with her daddy:


Happier sliding than waiting for a fish to bite:

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