Thursday, March 12, 2009

Up and running again . . . at least for now.

I think I mentioned that the kids and I are staying with my parents until Joshua finishes school in May, and then we will join David in PA.  More thankful for this accommodation I could not be.  

However, the free cable and high speed internet that were advertised for this location have not always materialized.  In fact, for the past two days, my parents have had no internet, cable, or phone service.  (Management, i.e. my dad, has informed me that I'm free to look for a cheaper place, but free is hard to beat.  Especially when the establishment comes with babysitters.)  Add to these media being down the fact that I lost my cell phone charger during the move, and I have been truly incommunicado the past couple of days.

How did I live without email and Facebook and cell phones?  It's like living on Little House on the Prairie.  Except I don't have to use an outhouse.

Oh, and I couldn't get weather updates.  

I tease my mom about being a weather channel junkie, but I never realized how often I hop on the net to check the weather.  (Considering we went from 4.5 inches of snow to 84 degrees in the span of 8 days, surely you can understand my preoccupation.)

So, I'm back for now.  However, I'm still on a mac and don't know how to put pics up. I may go ahead and do my Seven Quick Takes later today in case I can't get on again tomorrow.

This must have been what the Dark Ages were like.  Except that I'm not really afraid of being executed for saying that or anything.

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