Friday, March 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday


I'm typing these on a foreign computer tonight, so please forgive the final outcome.  I don't have my "7 Quick Takes" logo saved on this (my parents') computer, and worst of all . . . it's a Mac!  

I know many of you out there love macs, but I am not one of you.  I like my control key, my arrow buttons at the top and bottom of the screen, and the familiarity of my piece of crap windows program.  It's comforting.  I miss it.


I am, however, thankful that the kids and I are able to stay at my parents' home for the next 10 weeks while we await the chance to move into our final destination - our home in Pennsylvania.


I guess this should have been #1.  We are officially homeless persons.  We closed on the sale of our house this morning.  Handed over the keys,  took our check, and left.  We are in the process of buying a home in PA, but we don't have a closing date yet, and it will likely be sometime in April.  (Since that's so close to May when Josh finishes school, the kids and I are living with my parents until school gets out.  Wish us all luck.)


David has been home since Monday, which has been great.  We spent every day until today either packing, loading, or cleaning or former home, so today's the first chance we've had to do anything enjoyable.

We took the kids to the park this afternoon to climb on the rocks, and I took dozens of pictures, but alas, I do not know how  to load them onto this alien computer.


I did learn something great during our afternoon park adventure:  I can still rock-climb! The kids were climbing an easy part of a cliff at Flat Rock, and at the same time, some soldier-looking guys were climbing a more difficult part.  It wasn't sheer, but it wasn't terribly craggy.  

So, these two fit looking guys spent about 20 minutes studying the cliff, one showing the other how to climb it.  After about  20 minutes,  the two of them crested the cliff, went back down, and drove away.

The potential for embarrassing myself in front of them having driven away with them, I decided to try that section of rock myself.  I kid you not that it took me less than 2 minutes to climb it.  I was proud.

I used to climb and rappel a lot in college, but I've never owned my own equipment or known how to operate it.  (ie, I can't tie a knot at all)  It's on my bucket list, so I was glad to discover I still had some of my mad skills.


I hate redundancy.  Those gas station signs that "Checks must be pre-approved before pumping gas" drive me crazy. 


I also hate needless repetition.  

(Having trouble with this annoying computer, so I'm not linking right now.  Check out the original Quick Takes at  Sorry no link this week.)

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Jawan said...

If you don't make a living at climbing rocks, you should consider becoming a writer. You crack me up, BR!