Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some midweek randomness

Let's see . . . what have I been up to lately?

Yeah, that's about it. And, by that I mean that's about all I've been up to, NOT that those are about all of the boxes. That's just the overflow because the garage is pretty much full.

In my head, when I'm typing garage, I'm pronouncing it like the British do. I'm having a problem with that lately.

I was an English major in college and a 12th grade British lit teacher after that, so I've read a LOT of British literature in my lifetime. But, never before have I experienced an inability to read them without an English accent.

Seriously, I'm reading a novel now (Another Mother's Life) that is set in England. The characters say things like, ""It will be very exciting, won't it? A proper adventure" and "Get a move on, love" and "Can Gemma come round this afternoon?"

I absolutely cannot read this book without a British accent. Then when I put it down, I can't stop thinking in one. I never thought I did a very good accent before, but now that I think in one almost 24 hrs a day, I'm getting quite good at it. Jolly good, I'd say.


beckygiggles said...

So funny! I do the same thing, which is one reason I don't read books with a lot of foul language. Even though it doesn't come out of my mouth, it starts jumping around in my thoughts.

My Happy Homestead said...

So, how do the British pronounce garage? I'm curious...

beck'sthree said...

When they say garage, it rhymes with carriage.