Sunday, March 1, 2009

Apparently, since I won't go to the frozen tundra yet, it's come to me

My law school girlfriends were in town to visit this weekend. We had a blast . . . stayed up talking till wee hours, went to movies, picked on Yella, drank lousy sangria, ate pretty much anything as long as it contained chocolate chips, read brainless magazines in Barnes & Noble while someone got her Starbucks fix, etc.

This is us on a bench downtown last night as we strolled a few blocks before dinner at the Cannon (which we ate outside), enjoying the 71 degree weather:

This is what things looked like this afternoon:

Is this a Georgia kid enjoying himself some snow, or what?

Of course, the snowman. Now I know which relative Joshua gets his quirks from. It's a snowman, guys, not a snowcone:

Josh, not one to be satisfied building a snowman like any other kid, just wanted to build a giant blob he could stand on. My dad has always been the helpful kind.

The building begins:

Up he goes:

And, success! For about 5 seconds before he went crashing through the middle, which is what he claimed to be aiming for all along.

And, yes, those are frilly blue gloves Joshua is wearing. When one lives in Georgia, one is not equipped for things like snow and ice. My kids started the morning with socks on their hands since we couldn't find any gloves, so the blue frillies are an upgrade.

It gets even worse. Lauren REALLY wanted to wear a scarf, and the best I could find was a dollar store feather boa. We also made a hat out of the shawl. Who says I'm not crafty?

And, according to her, she was "helping" here:

In twenty-four hours, our area had a tornado, flooding, and a snowstorm accompanied by thunder and lightning (which I'm told doesn't normally happen). But, I had a blast with my girlfriends, so assuming this wasn't the apocalypse, it was a great weekend.

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